Camphill Correspondence Online is alive!


Welcome to the new website of the Camphill Correspondence!

The US editorial team is working closely with the UK editorial team for a smooth transition of the Correspondence to its US operations.

The plan is that the Correspondence will begin shipping from the US starting January 2018.

The Correspondence will publish both print and online editions – you will still receive your print copies.

In the meantime, we hope you’ll follow us on Facebook and sign up for the e-newsletter by clicking this link.

If you’re interested to be a Correspondent from your community – write articles; ask someone to write articles; take photos of your community to share with the Camphill Movement – please contact

We are hoping to invite Correspondents especially from outside the North American Region.

Thank you.

US Editorial Team

  • Adam Hewitt (Camphill Soltane)
  • Aroon Kalsi (Triform Camphill Community)
  • Laura Mooney (Raphael Academy)
  • Onat Sanchez-Schwartz (Camphill Ghent)
  • Ralf Homberg (Camphill Village Kimberton Hills)

Adviser – David Andrew Schwartz (Camphill Ghent)


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