In Memoriam

May my love be the sheaths
That now surround you,
Cooling all fever,
Warming all coldness,
Interwoven with sacrifice.
Live, upheld by love,
Light-endowed, upward

~Rudolf Steiner

Valerie Werthmann, December 20, 2017
Wolfgang Flaig, November 26, 2017
Inge von Schilling, November 22, 2017
Brigitte Köber November 11, 2017


Valerie Werthmann, December 20, 2017

Valerie Werthmann, Newton Dee Community

We want to let you know that Val died at 08.35 this morning, Wednesday 20 December 2017.

Many people from across the Camphill Movement will remember Val, a long-term co-worker at Newton Dee Community. Val was very recently diagnosed with cancer and has spent the last weeks in Simeon, Care for the Elderly, in Aberdeen.

Val’s family and friends have been visiting daily to support her over these days. She received the last anointing last night with family and friends present. Her two sons, Chris
and Adrian, were at her bedside with her when she peacefully passed away this morning after a peaceful night.

We will be keeping her family in our thoughts in the coming days and will inform you through the Ring of the funeral arrangements.

With best wishes,

All at Newton Dee Community


Maggie Pooler (01224) 868595
Wytske Brown (01224) 862279

Email Contact:


Wolfgang Flaig, November 26, 2017

Wolfgang Flaig has passed away this morning (Sunday, 26th November) at 10.20 am in St. Catherine’s Hospice in Crawley just four days after his 59th birthday.

He had been a co-worker in Nutley Hall for many years, and before that at Simeon House in

Aberdeen. He had been diagnosed with lung cancer a few months ago.

If you want to get in touch, please contact Raz Levy at Christoph Hanni, Cairnlee House


Inge von Schilling, November 22, 2017

Inge was taken to hospital yesterday morning (22 November 2017). She was unconscious on arrival. I arrived shortly thereafter. Inge then received the last rites from a Protestant priest, as the Flensburg Christian Community priestess was at a synod in Luneburg, which meant that she would not have been able to get back to Inge before she had left us on her journey to other adventures and tasks. He administered the last rites in what felt like exactly the right spirit, adding a few succinct words about exactly what Inge had done in life. It was all very moving. I was – and am – very sad to have to have to let her go. But I also know that she was ready to go. And that she was spared unnecessary pain and suffering. She had lived in fear of the shortness of breath which had plagued her due to her suffering from COPD for some time now. She now no longer has these worries.

Death held no fear for her. She had thought about the topic enough and her faith gave her the  certainty that this was not something to be afraid of. Which is of course very consoling for those like me, who are left behind. But the most important thing right now is Inge’s new journey. Please think of her and support her with your thoughts in the coming days.

Inge is now lying in an open coffin in a place where I and the Christian Community priestess can visit her. On Saturday 25th November in the afternoon at 2 p.m. the priest will perform the first part of the funeral service which comes with the closing of the coffin. The funeral will then be at 3 p.m. German time on Wednesday 29th November. She will then be cremated, and her ashes buried in a beautiful forest near Flensburg. Martin von Schilling,


Brigitte Köber November 11, 2017

On Saturday, 11 November, 2017, Brigitte was finally able to leave her—by then— very frail body. She had been living in Rüttihubelbad near Berne, Switzerland, for the past 15 years. This is a very beautiful place with a 60 bed nursing home, a house with several flats (where Brigitte lived, she had a wonderful view on the Alps), two social therapy houses, a restaurant and a hall with a capacity of 450 seats where, throughout the year, many cultural events, workshops and lectures can take place.

During the last 10 months Brigitte had not been well, sometimes being confused, and then increasingly wishing to be left alone. Very kindly the staff from the nursing home were willing to take care of Brigitte’s physical needs in her flat. Christoph Bolleter—a Swiss colleague of some 50+ years—was her almost daily and very caring visitor. It was he who stayed with Brigitte during her last four hours, leaving her only when she had fallen into a deep sleep, during which she managed to cross the threshold by herself as she had always wished.

Brigitte started a weaving shop in Cairnlee in 1950 and then some years later also in Newton Dee Village. In 1965 Dr König asked her to go to Perceval (Switzerland). Later she moved to Aigues Vertes near Geneva, where she was fully active until her retirement to Rüttihubelbad in 2002.

In all Brigitte’s 67 years in Camphill she was active in curative education, in craft work, as a seminar teacher, Class Lesson Reader and Service Holder. She had connections to quite a few of the leading personalities at the Goetheanum and elsewhere—worldwide. Erika Nauck (née Köber), Newton Dee Village