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Article by Peter Bateson, In Camphill since 1975, Foundation Trustee since 2008 and Development Coordinator 2011-17 Late last year the Foundation trustees held their autumn meeting at Corbenic Camphill Community, near Dunkeld, Perthshire, Scotland, in one of the most stunningly beautiful locations of any Camphill place in the world, on the edge of the Scottish Highlands. By UK standards, where distances are comparatively small, the place seems remote at first but this is an illusion quickly dispelled. The community has very strong links and constant interaction with the life of the locality, exemplified in recent years by the lively shop … Continue reading Full Article – Camphill Foundation UK & Ireland

Latest issue of the official news magazine of the Camphill Movement available online

Dear Readers, The US Camphill Correspondence team is super excited to share with you the January/February edition of the Camphill Correspondence. The electronic version is now available on-line and free of charge for you to enjoy. Please use the “Subscribe or Donate” menu item to subscribe to a paper copy of the magazine. Thank you all for your support. ~The Camphill Correspondence Team Continue reading Latest issue of the official news magazine of the Camphill Movement available online

News for November

We have been busy! The Camphill Correspondence web site now features The Archive page has most recent as well as past issues going back to 2007 The link to the down-loadable pdf file for our current issue located in the side bar of the page a e-newsletter sign-up located in the side bar of the page Side bar has quick link to the latest news as well as a link to our facebook page Please enjoy the new content and features…and stay tuned for more to come. Make sure to sign up for our e-newsletter starting in 2018! Thank you Continue reading News for November

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I have been populating our Camphill Correspondence past issues on the Archive page and have been thinking about how deeply grateful I am for all the people working on the Camphill Correspondence before our team took it on. The past issues reach all the way back to 2004 and I can’t help but wonder what the way of communication had been prior to having this beautiful magazine. I decided to create the link to the file that provides an electronic image of text or text and graphics that looks like a printed document and can be viewed, printed, and electronically … Continue reading Archive of past issues