The Camphill Correspondence is seeking articles for the September/October 2020 issue which will be dedicated to the 80th year anniversary of the Camphill Movement. The theme of the issue is “Paths to the Future: What’s Next for Camphill.”

We are looking for articles where you can tell us about your experiences, stories, and perspectives in response to the following questions:

• What are some of the new ways that you have expressed Camphill ideals in your community life?

• How do you assure that your community thrives through the transitions and changes of the times?

• What steps are you taking in your community in response to the constant changes?

• How does your community maintain continuity and viability in these changing times?

• What are some of the changes that your community experienced and how did you adapt to it?

There may be other themes or questions that you want to explore. Please don’t be limited with the questions outlined here. The main thing is that we share with each other stories that we can carry into Camphill’s future.

We are also hoping that each region is represented: England/Wales, Middle European, Asian, African, Northern and Southern Ireland, North American, Scotland. I hope I did not forget any region, if so, my apologies.

We hope to receive lots of articles from everyone. Deadline for submission: August 15th, 2020.

On behalf of the Camphill Correspondence Team,